Welcome to the Communication Strategy ‘That Works’ podcast! I’m Emma, your host and I am making it my mission to help smaller businesses like you that want to grow and have ambitious plans to be a bigger company, to get the ‘comms stuff’ right earlier on in your journey. I want you to grow your brand more effectively, protect your fledgeling brand reputation, spend your budget more wisely and, ultimately, have much more impact with your comms.


In this trailer, you can learn a little bit more about me, my background, and why I have produced this podcast for you, and what you can expect to learn each week through listening to my show.


There are step-by-step processes, downloads and freebies to help you get started, and mini masterclasses to look forward to. Each week you will get actionable advice you can implement straight away. There’s no navel-gazing here, just straight-up free advice and tips distilled from my 20 plus years in the business.


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