Protect Your Brand

Your reputation as a business is everything.  A bad one can lead to customers not buying and investors not investing, a good one can build trust in your brand, bring you more customers and positive attention from the media, potential staff and investors and ultimately bring you more success.  Businesses in the built environment have a huge task to identify and manage where reputation issues might come from and, ideally, prevent a reputation crisis from happening at all.

In an ideal world, the crisis never happens.

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Package Details:

Don’t let bubbling issues become a crisis for your business by letting them go unnoticed or brushing them under the carpet until it’s too late and crisis has hit. Let me help you manage them through my tried-and-tested process for spotting, monitoring and mitigating reputation issues before they become a crisis.

This topic is one of my specialist subjects. In this ‘done for you’ package, you will get my time and expertise to deliver a complete system for your business to spot, monitor and mitigate potential reputation issues before they become a crisis for you.

Working with you or your team I will use my tried-and-tested approach to flesh out in detail potential reputation issues in your business, and set in place a monitoring process for you to be able to manage them within your company.

I’ll help get your key people and stakeholders on board with the new system, and you’ll get advice and practical tools to help you continue to manage the process yourself.

This full-service package includes everything listed in Bite-size package; PLUS;

  • 1:1 consultations with you and your team to work through the issues, feedback and update
  • Supplier, investor and/or customer calls to obtain insights and input on perceived issues
  • Your own issues management ‘grid’ logged with your top reputation issues identified and their status and mitigation measures
  • An template detailing how to deal with the issues within your business
  • A handover meeting to agree on the next steps and the transfer of knowledge into your business so you can manage the process smoothly for yourself

Prices vary depending on the size of your business or project and the number to interviews and research required.

*I can continue to work with your team 1:1 to help manage the implementation of this business tool*

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