I’m all about making it easy for you, so I’ve a number
of ways outlined below on on how we can work together.

Don’t see something you like? I also offer 1:1 advice on an ongoing basis for teams and individuals. I am also happy to provide a bespoke quote for your project based on my 20 years in the business of comms.

Just want some free tips and advice for now? No problem! Head over to my Communication Strategy ‘That Works’ podcast to listen, download and learn!

Develop Your Strategy

If you’re not sure where your customers are, or who they are, I will research that for you and a strategy to help you reach them.

Create Your Story

You need a message which resonates with your customers and gets them to take action.

I’ll develop a compelling story for you.

Grow Your Profile

You’re looking for help with public relations so you can reach more people and show them what you do.

I offer a bespoke service

Protect Your Brand

Your business reputation is critical to success.
Don’t let a bubbling issue become a reputation crisis.
I’ll use my in-depth process to spot, monitor and mitigate
potential reputation issues for your business.

Bite-size Comms Planning

1:1 advice and insight in person on how to promote your
project or business effectively.
Includes my 20 years of expertise, and my 7-step communication plan to kick-start your campaign, project or brand awareness

Bite-size Brand Protection

Don’t let potential brand issue cause a crisis for your business.

I will show you how you can prepare to protect your business or major project’s reputation in 6 easy steps.