I am thrilled to have Jenni Field on the podcast, especially as it’s the podcast’s birthday month! I usually talk about external communication. But, today I wanted to open up the conversation around internal communication as a strategic function within your businesses. And Jenni Field has worked in communications for almost 20 years, and she now specialises in helping teams and leaders use communication to take people and organisations from chaos to calm. She helps business leaders understand how to get teams to work better and work more efficiently with a focus on internal communications.


We cover a lot in this ‘Deep Dive’ episode! you’ll learn;


  • when is the best time to think about internal communication support as part of your team
  • where it sits in a growing business
  • how to recognise ‘chaos’ in your business
  • what soft skills to look for in a great internal communicator
  • what’s changing/has changed in internal communications post-pandemic


Let’s dive in!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Jenni’s book https://redefiningcomms.com/influential-internal-communication-book-jenni-field/

The Field Model podcast episode https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/chaos-to-calm-the-field-model-s1-e7/id1588233391?i=1000541284904

Redefining Communications

Podcast:  https://redefiningcomms.com/podcast-redefining-communications-with-jenni-field/

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