What struck me this week was my own personal ethical stance on things like trust, transparency and honesty.  A situation occurred and it made me feel betrayed.  What happened?  I will not recommend that company and people again.

It got me thinking that content creation requires many of the same qualities I desire from a partner I work with.  It is no longer just about grabbing attention or quick wins for self-gain; it’s about engaging audiences with messages that resonate with their values.

So today, I explore the importance of values-based content creation, who it matters to the most, and the top 5 trends playing out in 2023.

Let’s dive in!

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Full Transcript (unedited)

Why Is Values-Based Content Important?

Values-based content creation is a strategy that emphasises understanding and aligning with the beliefs and principles of one’s target audience. Here are 3 reasons I think it’s important;

  1. Trust-building: Sharing content that genuinely aligns with people’s values can foster trust between a brand and its audience. Such transparency establishes credibility while promoting long-term loyalty.
  2. Meaningful Engagement: Values-driven content fosters an emotional connection, which can result in deeper engagement and more constructive conversations. Audiences are more likely to interact with, share, and engage with content on an ongoing basis when they feel it reflects their personal beliefs.
  3. Social impact: Companies that support the social or environmental causes their audience cares about can create a positive impact on the world while also making their business more relatable and significant.

Who does this appeal to the most?

Values-based content creation is crucial for companies targeting Millennials (1981-1996) and Gen Z (1997-2012). These generations increasingly value social responsibility, ethics, activism, diversity, mental health awareness, and sustainability in their lifestyles and purchasing decisions. As digital natives, they are quick to identify brands that align with their evolving expectations for meaningful interactions.

According to Hubspot’s latest research; 69% of marketers agree that taking a stand on social issues like environmentalism and racial justice is an effective marketing strategy. And 30% are looking to develop content that aligns with this utilising channels such as video and podcasts.

Top 5 Trends in 2023

When developing a values-based content strategy for 2023, keep these five trends in mind:

  1. Authentic Storytelling – Audiences appreciate well-crafted stories that showcase their values in real-life scenarios. Utilise effective storytelling techniques to convey relatable experiences and emotions.
  2. Ethical Influence – Influencer partnerships will continue to grow in popularity but should prioritise partnerships built on ethical practices and shared values. Audiences respond better to authentic influencers who align with their beliefs rather than those promoting products solely for financial gain.
  3. Immersive Experiences – As technology advances, immersive content experiences will become increasingly popular, from virtual reality to interactive content. Offer your audience opportunities to “step into” stories or dive deeply into the issues that ignite their passions.
  4. Voice and Tone Diversity – Encourage conversations by including diverse voices in your content to cater to different perspectives within your target audience. Approach sensitive topics with empathy and balance, fostering a supportive community where opinions can be expressed respectfully.
  5. Sustainable Growth – Emphasise long-term success by continuously adapting your content strategy, prioritising transparency and responsibility. Keep track of evolving values as social issues emerge or transform over time.

In summary;

Values-based content creation is a powerful approach that can help us as creators better connect with audiences on a deeper level. By understanding the importance of this strategy, identifying the target audience, and keeping an eye on upcoming trends, you’ll be well-positioned for success in 2023.

Some tools that work well with this approach are video and podcasts, this is because we can engage audiences deeper by them seeing us or hearing it first-hand. Inf act video is still a major trend in 2023 alongside nudgets being allocated for teams trying out podcasts for the very first time.