Artificial Intelligence and PR are becoming increasingly intertwined as we grapple with the pros and cons in real-time. As professionals, we recognise the immense potential of leveraging this technology to enhance strategies and deliver more impactful messages to their target audience. I find I am using it more and more as I find new tools and think ‘oh yeah, is there an AI for that?’

In this episode, we will delve into the various ways AI can be used in public relations, not listing the tools but the how –  focusing on three key areas: sentiment analysis, chatbots, and automated content creation.

These AI-powered tools are revolutionising the PR & Comms landscape, enabling us to gain deeper insights, engage in real-time conversations, and streamline content creation processes.

Let’s dive in!

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Full Transcript (Unedited)

Let’s take a look at some research for context;

A study published in 2018 called Humans Still Matter by Jean Valin, published by the CIPR AI Panel, explored the impact of AI on jobs in public relations. It used the Global Alliance Capability Framework as a benchmark.

The report found that 12% of a public relations practitioner’s total skills (out of 52 skills) could be complemented or replaced by AI, and predicted that it would rise to 38% by the end of 2023. Valin concluded that fundamental human traits such as empathy, trust, humour, and relationship building couldn’t be automated. The research is set to be revisited later this year.

Report by @Wadds Inc. in 2023 found that

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will significantly impact the public relations profession in the same way as the internet and social media before it. And we should give it urgent attention as a public relations practitioner for two main reasons;

  1. It has the potential to impact the relationships and reputation that give our organisations and its customers the licence or permission to operate
  2. It will disrupt how you work within the next five years. It will displace functional, mainly junior, roles within the practice

I’ve already seen some agencies, for example being open and transparent on their website about how they use it to create efficiencies, and what is still a human interaction.

Let’s look at those 3 key areas;

Firstly Sentiment analysis. This utilises AI algorithms to analyse the sentiment behind online conversations and social media mentions. By gauging public sentiment towards a brand, we can gauge the success of campaigns, identify potential reputation risks, and make informed decisions to protect and enhance a business’s reputation.

Secondly, Chatbots – these are another AI-driven tool that has transformed the way we can engage with audiences. These virtual agents provide instant responses to common queries, freeing up human resources for more complex issues. By implementing chatbots on websites and social media channels, teams can ensure that their audience receives prompt and accurate information, ultimately building trust and driving positive brand associations.

Lastly, AI-powered automated content creation tools, These are where the most use is I think currently as they are helping us streamline content creation processes. These tools analyse large volumes of data, identify trends, and generate personalised content that resonates with the target audience. By leveraging this, teams can save time on content creation and focus on crafting compelling narratives that engage their audience and drive desired outcomes.

All of this is great and can help with productivity and well-being as a result as workloads are less needed and more time potentially generated to spend on more strategic tasks.

But with the advancements, often comes new challenges, in this case in terms of ethics and privacy.

This is because AI brings the capability to collect vast amounts of data from various sources, including social media platforms and online conversations. While this data can provide valuable insights for PR professionals, there is a need to ensure that the collection and analysis of this data adhere to ethical guidelines and protect individuals’ privacy.

Furthermore, there is also a concern from some about the potential bias that AI algorithms may introduce into strategies, as these algorithms are trained on historical data that may contain inherent biases.

So in summary, what do you think? Are you using AI? How much are you really letting it transform your workflow, or dabbling in a bit of aut-social media scheduling?

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising our profession, allowing us to create more impactful messages, analyse data and track what people are saying.

It is crucial for us to embrace these AI-powered tools to stay ahead in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of communications.


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