Generating Leads
Building Brands Profile

Project Description


This listed company has a strong ability for offline sales through face to face activity, advertising and events, but wanted to bolster this to stay ‘front of mind’ between sales activity. Sometimes the nature of the services means that sales can have months between them. They had also launched a new website and brand that needed to be communicated alongside its service offers and products which had been revised.


It was clear that a point of differentiation was needed and that the company needed to be able to cross-sell services to existing clients. After researching the audience to determine which offers were likely to be of interest, I devised a digital engagement strategy that aimed to build up presence using thought leadership-led content and news creation to drive traffic through back links to the website.


This strategy noticeably increased interest and awareness in the company’s core services online, generating approximately 10% more warm sales leads than the previous year’s same accounting period, increased new web page visitors month-on-month and generated 40% above target downloads during the period. Noticeably increased website traffic from earned links from online media coverage, and brand name mentions increased during the same period. The PR spend was also significantly lower than the advertising spend during the campaign.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

  • Content development
  • Digital Engagement
  • Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Engagement


  • Communications Management
  • Digital Engagement
  • Public Relations