A new year is often a time for a fresh start. It’s a great time to audit how effective your business communication is.

Most businesses will undertake financial audits and expenses claims audits, but how often do you audit how you communicate with customers and other stakeholders?

Some businesses I’ve worked with are really good at this.

However, I am always amazed at the number of businesses that don’t do this. This could be a big factor in why some of those messages are not getting through to customers.

Effective communication leads to better marketing and more traction, which ultimately helps with more sales, right? So measuring how it’s going and starting with a desktop audit it a good idea if you’ve not done it before.

So this episode is a re-run, a refresh and a New Year reminder to audit your communication. It covers four reasons why I think you should undertake a communication audit of your business now and gives you some tips on getting started.

Let’s dive in!

Episode mentioned is: Episode 4.

Before you go;


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